Form – Function – Emotion

The 3 Influencing factors of a product are Form, Function and  Emotion,

with each product favouring one over the others, creating a variety of different products

with very similar functions, but appeal to different people.


The Large format camera is what i would consider Function focused, as its not portable, the look of it is very raw and mechanical. The purpose of this product is to provide a dark environment to view and capture an image, which it managed to do. Even though this is an ancient version of the modern camera, there are still photographers who enjoy shooting with it to this day, a testament to the success of the product.

This product would appeal to those who seek functionality over portability or style.

The Hassleblad Luna is one example of a product with a focus on form. With its ergonomic design and sleek

look, it appeals to the user. However, the specs of this camera are not as good as compared to others of its caliber,

and does not capture with the amount of fidelity as compared to a film camera.

Thus, this is a product with a focus on form.

The Leica M3, or Leica cameras in general, are touted as the cameras with the most satifying shutter sound.

Even though the ergonomics and look of the camera are rather simple, the sound of the camera at work appeal to the

emotions of the user, and provides satisfaction. Thus, this is a emotion focused product.

As we can see from the 3 variations of the camera, when a product focuses on a different aspect of the triangle,

a completely different looking and functioning product may result from it.

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