Month: September 2018

Chipchase – You Are What You Carry – Reading Response

In this chapter by Chipchase, it talks about how we are defined by our possessions. They tell a story about us, about our preferences, tastes, motivations, and much more. Chipchase mentions an idea of range of distribution. This is rather interesting to me, as I am someone who values comfort and convenience, especially so when I am working. In that… Read more →

Chipchase – Calibrating Your Cultural Compass – Reading Response

In this chapter, Calibrating your cultural compass by Chipchase, it talks about how one has to attune themselves to their environment through immersion in order to receive the most experience and information, the premise of design research. How can you design a product for an audience that you have only surface knowledge of? In a world where we have easy… Read more →

The Design of Everyday Things – Reading Response

This book, Design of Everyday Things talks mainly about Norman Don’s experience with regards to the psychology of designing, and why we have problems in our daily lives. “Why are you having problems?” I find his answer rather intriguing. “You are too logical.” Much of machine or product designed nowadays has too many functions, your rice cooker has 7 different… Read more →

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