Chipchase – You Are What You Carry – Reading Response

In this chapter by Chipchase, it talks about how we are defined by our possessions.

They tell a story about us, about our preferences, tastes, motivations, and much more. Chipchase mentions an idea of range of distribution. This is rather interesting to me, as I am someone who values comfort and convenience, especially so when I am working. In that regard, I keep my tools and possessions within arms reach for easy accessibility.

When I was on exchange in Sweden, I felt rather unsafe leaving my belongings too far away from me, and only felt assured when my body was in contact with them at all times.

It ended up taxing my mind with so much worry, that over time I started bringing less and less items on my person, and finally just a phone.

What a person needs changes in response to their environment, as people adapt and adjust to feel more comfortable in any given environment. Its rather interesting to see the changes that happen to a person as they adapt, just judging based on their personal possessions.

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