Category: Point of View

Point of View Final

Final   With the final setup, i added additional particle effects as well as increasing the contrast and highlights. For layout, i configured the flowers in a directional manner, similar to Blossfelt’s work. Alien   Christmas     Dahlia     Gem     Lotus     Red         Final Setup     For this project i… Read more →

Point Of View Process

Process   Using the fractal program Apophosis, i played around with different parameters, trying to create different patterns to use as the base for my flowers.   In Apohosis, you can make gradient maps out of existing images to use as colour, which i did in order to give more life to my patterns. I proceeded to apply the “cross”… Read more →

Point of View Research

Model On Runway For my work, i wish to investigate the concept of Beauty today. For my inspiration, i investigated various methods of pursuing beauty. In plastic surgery, the process involves photographing the subject’s face, and then marking out the areas where they will incise and modify the patient’s skin, calculating the amount of skin to move quantity of skin… Read more →

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