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Metamorphosis – Final

      ZINE FINAL Cover   Spread 1     Spread 2 Spread 3 Spread 4 Spread 5 \ Spread 6 Spread 7 Spread 8 Spread 10 Spread 11 Spread 12 End. For this project i learnt alot, about layouting, fonts as well as some photoshop and indesign effects. Overall i would say im still not satisfied with this… Read more →

Metamorphosis – Process

For my process, i played alot with the Xray theme in order to “reveal without revealing” the cocoon. Cocoon digitally edited to resemble Xray Butterfly Xray Cocoon + Butterfly effect   Larva Xray Larva within Egg The idea was to transit from life to death along the zine’s pages, following the life cycle of the butterfly. Starting from life, then… Read more →

Metamorphosis – Research

For my zine, i decided on the theme of Metamorphosis, with the butterfly as my motif. I wanted to capture the idea of Mental Metamorphosis with my zine, for the zine to transform and change as the viewer read it. I planned my zine as an experience rather than just a simple publication, to allow the viewer to feel. For… Read more →

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