Category: DA9012 Media Art Nexus 2016/17 Sem 2

Chaotica Renders + Test Animations

Continuing work from before, I did abit of reading onto the origins of fractal generation, and came across a research paper by Scott Draves, detailing the mathematics behind the whole fractal process, formulas for the functions behind the scripts, as well as the origins of the .FLAM3 algorithm. ( Next I experimented with a more geometry assembly of scripts, resulting… Read more →

Chaotica Research and Documentation Part 1 + Experiment

I decided to experiment with Chaotica first, given that it was intended to be a straight up upgrade to Apophosis. First thing i noticed was the new Progressive Rendering engine that was implemented, which basically meant that Chaotica would constantly render my image at increasing sample levels until i set a cap, or stopped the render. This saves ALOT of time.   Next, since JWildfire does not… Read more →

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