Analogous color scheme: Different shades and tone of magenta and blue

These 4 equations represents the 4 sets of different lifestyles that I have.

School life, work life, spiritual life andddd fun life.

Blue implies the gloomy/quiet setting environment of the place.

Whereas, pink/purple has a much vibrant energy and also exudes femininity.


Equation 1  (school life)

Me staying up late during school submissions week.

Dunk into cups of coffees.

All-night boost.

For equation 1, I intended to portray about how my addiction to coffee starts whenever the submission period starts to creep in. Initially I don’t enjoy coffee, teas and any type of sweet beverages – only plain water is my favourite. However, in order to survive the night awake, I had to drink several cups of coffees in order to combat my sleepiness.  This is how I managed to pull up an all-nighter – all thanks to the caffeine boost.

Equation 2  (work life)

Start of the day. Neat and uncluttered work desk.

At a chill and comfortable work studio (too comfy that you can lie under the sofa)

End of the day. Messy piles of work.

For equation 2, it is mostly based on the experience that I had working at a small interior design firm. At the beginning of the day, my work desk is always neat and tidy. The setting of my workplace is also comfortable and informal as I am the only employee there.

Anyways, as an interior designer, there are a lot of paperworks to be done, as many floorplans of different elevations, plans, side elevations, detailing interior, etc etc had to be printed out for the contractors and also for documentation. Thus, by the end of the day, my work desk will be a pile of mess.

Equation 3  (spiritual life)

Me dressed in modesty.

Going for a talk/event at a mosque.


For equation 3, it is about the spiritual life that I am leading, the peace and calamity. Whenever things gets difficult, I always find comfort and peace by listening to talks held at mosque or stadiums. The first step is to dress in modesty and appropriately. After attending talks/events at mosque, often I felt enlightened by the new things that I had just learnt-about morals and creed in life.

Oh by the way, try to spot my name in Arabic for the above illustration. (sya-dza)

Equation 4  (fun life)

During holidays, me exercising alone.

Decided to board on a plane, for a family trip.

Plot twist: The arrived destination was closed!

Last equation! During holidays, I liked to cycle and play basketball (my favorite sports) However, as my 2 elder sisters are already working, thus I had to exercise alone around my neighbourhood. Hence, the first picture was me in despair as I had no one to accompany me while exercising. Then after waiting for my sisters and parents to take off days, we decided to board on a plane for a family trip!

However, all of the excitement washed off when we arrived at the destination. It was closed unexpectedly 🙁 This is based on real story event, during that time when my family and I went to Bandung,Indonesia. The themepark was closed due to some reasons. And hence, we had to U-turn in front of the entrance of the themepark.


Overall, I really enjoyed in doing the illustrations and coming out with these ideas. Though it may not be as perfect as I envisioned, I am still satisfied with my work. There are several things to improve on such as the color intensity and also the legs could be a signature throughout the 4 equations. I probably should include a concealed-modesty legs for my 3rd equation to ensure that there is a constant signature. Through this project, I also learnt about how CMYK and RGB could make a huge difference and affect my artworks. The importance of color scheme too, can make a huge impact for the audience.


Thank you :>