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Material and Applications of the Pandora

KEYWORD: Contrast

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For Model 1, the Dominant is plastic, Sub-dominant is granite and lastly, Sub-ordinate is metal(tungsten to be exact). The contrast is in terms of the material properties in relation to its size.

// concept // (assuming all 3 elements are of the same volume and size)

The D is the biggest among those 3 elements, but contrasting to the size, it is the lightest as it is made of plastic. The SD being the sub-dominant should be neither the lightest nor the heaviest hence, I chose granite as it fits the role. The SO is the smallest but contrasting to that it is heaviest in terms of density.

// applications //

-An elegant clean-edge washing sink, with a shiny-looking water tap accompanied by the mirror.

-An extravagant seating area with a feature wall column behind. The metal piece is a seat divider, as it is placed on the edge, for safety purposes.

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For Model 2, the materials/colors also plays a part in creating a contrast. The D is a reflective surface, SD is an opaque black whereas SO is transparent.

// concept //

I wanted to place the lighter elements which is the sub-dominant & sub-ordinate at the edge of the whole composition. This is to create a contrast between the lighter elements and the heavier (Dominant) element.

// applications //

-A wardrobe with a chalkboard and the transparent is a small compartment for her to-go-accessories.

-A high-end residential building with an infinity pool, along with a huge screen billboard/LCD screen.

Revised 3D Models

Below are my revised 3D Models composition using blue foam.

Revised 3D Model 1

In this composition, the lighter elements which is the sub-dominant and sub-ordinate, are being placed at one side of the composition. Both are at edge and considered the “white” part. Whereas the “black” part of composition will be the dominant which Is the block that act as the base. This creates a distinct contrast of “black” and “white” elements of the composition.

Revised 3D Model 2

For second revised composition, the materials will play an important role in evoking the sense of contrast. Firstly the dominant will be made out of lightweight compressed wood. Whereas the sub dominant is the block that interlocked with the dominant; made out of marble. Their materials are very irony to their outer appearance. The sub-dominant is small but heavy. The dominant is big but lightweight. Their properties are very contrasting with their appearance. 

Lastly, the sub-ordinate will be the small rectangular block that goes through the marble. It might be very small and insignificant but the material;mirror hologram, makes it stands out and contrast to its size, it’s the most shiniest.

In my Pandora’s box

Hi! So, here’s my ultimate chosen object, which is the Eiffel Tower Ballpoint pen. Ballpoint pens are everywhere, but this particular ballpoint pen has a unique texture and shape. It resembles the Eiffel Tower. It is one of the coolest writing instrument I ever had. However, I could not recalled where I bought this from. In the past,I used to collect and bought intriguing miniature objects, such as a coin bank resembling fire extinguisher, a miniature wardrobe for accessories and etc.

The most interesting part of the pen, is the Eiffel design itself. Hence, I concluded that the body of the pen would be the dominant one. Whereas, the tip of the ballpoint is the sub-dominant. The sub-ordinate would be the intricate beautiful carvings on it! (of which the details could not be captured by my camera)

Below is my 2D Sketch Anaylsis Details of the selected object.


Contrast is an accentuation of many different elements in a particular design. According to, contrast can be defined as “the difference in visual properties that makes an object distinguishable from other objects and the background.”

In the previous class exercise, I had came up with 3 different compositions which consists of 3 different elements (D,SD,SO) and create a design that portrays CONTRASTS.


3D Sketch Analysis