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Final Project Submission on ‘TOP’

(Refer to the GIF below)

Upon pushing Button A the animation that is programmed will play. We also tested the circuit if it can be powered by an external power source. 

(Refer to the below GIF)

LEDs were responding randomly with the power output.

                            We also were figuring out the number of LEDs that were on the strip and how to program it individually. And also the testing of the light sensor which flickered for about 0.5 second.

Experimenting with the light sensitivity along with the buttons.

The distance of light source and threshold of light detected.

Pressing on the A&B button, the LED strip will twitch before on/off.

Finalization of the coding

The main idea is to create a simple basic jacket that caters the Adafruit, the battery and the wires. Most importantly, the jacket has to be waterproof at all times.

(The first trial attempt of incorporating the LEDs in together with the material)


Soft Goods Product

Soft good product: Tote Bag

Features: Different compartment sizes for different things. Fit A4 sizes and for tablets/iPad.

Compatible for: People who likes to stay organized without bringing extra smaller compartments. The ‘built-in’ compartments/pockets minimizes space.

Things to consider: Ezlink card, makeup, earpiece, brooches, pens, accessories, ruler(very important for designer), notebook, tissue, penknife, scissors etc.


Initially started with the idea of simply aesthetic. However, it changes along the way in my ideations as I wanted the tote bag to be more functional- especially for people like me. (who prefer to have different compartments in bag)

I had also explored the different types of joining the sides together. Below are the some smaller scale mock ups of different types of joining of the tote bag.

Afterwards, I chose one of the joining methods and began working on the mockup scale 1:1 using the black paper provided.

(back of the tote bag)

(front of the tote bag)

(tote bag with stuffs inside)


As the compartments are the main selling point of the tote bag, I decided to explore the different sizes for the compartments. First, I listed down the things that considered highest priority / most importance. (based on my personal judgement)

Highest importance– Ezlink, earpiece, phone, balm, ointment, medicine.

Most of these items stated above are small-sized and can be fit into 1 compartment by themselves.

Mid importance – Notebook, ruler, pens.

Low importance – Tissue, stationary eg. scissors, penknife, glue etc

And then I proceed to source out for the materials needed. Ideally it would be in synthetic leather- so that it can holds the weight of the things inside. However, I tried out the final product in felt as it is cheaper and easy to sew.

Things to improve/take note: For further improvement on this design, I could explore in different material- more rigid and could hold weight.

Images below are some of the different cuts of felt- in order to combine them as one.

Final outcome …….to be shown.

Raffles Place – The life of the city dwellers

Narrative Poetry

My Zine will be focuses on poetry which narrates about the life of the city dwellers.

It will be divided into two sections.

  1. A poetry titled “Faceless” – describes the mask-like expressions of the city dwellers. I will be exploring their inner thoughts and emotions. Despite the glamorous, luxurious-looking skyscrapers around them, they are suffocating. They had to portray a positive demeanour to their colleagues and bosses. They are living day by day to earn income for their basic daily needs. Trudging along lifelessly back home during the peak hours.
  2. Next, a poetry that describes ‘Time’ as the first point perspective. About how ‘Time’ is being chased by these human beings- the office workers. About how ‘Time’ is clocking away so fast for the office workers to catch up. And about how precious the ‘Time’ is.

Method of execution:

I will be doing photo manipulation of the images that I had taken previously.



Common contemporary bag types and shapes


Briefcase / Attache

Image result for BRIEFCASE

The classic shape (without the sharp corners), buckles, leather exterior, and practical interior compartments help make this bag a timeless addition to any working-man’s wardrobe.

Messenger Bag

Image result for messenger bag

Often made from canvas and swung across the shoulder.

Classic Duffel / Carry-all Bag

Image result for DUFFLE bag

A large bag that can be held by a strap or handles, typically used for travel or sports.

Vertical Messenger BagImage result for vertical messenger bag

A more square version of the messenger bag.

Newsboy Bag / Satchel

Image result for newsboy bag satchel

It’s similar to the messenger bag’s style, but its traditional canvas exterior makes it a little less formal than the latter.




A sack secured with two straps that go over the shoulders and is carried on your back.

The Cross-body

Any bag with a long strap that hangs off your shoulder and across your body.

The Evening Clutch

A small, handheld bag.


Typically a crossbody bag, this style’s round or oval bottom and drawstring closure give it the appearance of a bucket.




Medium Natural Open Top Canvas Tote Bag

A medium to large open-topped bag with two top handles


Typically a clutch or chain-strap bag, this rectangular style resembles an envelope because of its fold-over closure.

The Casual Day Bag/ Weekend bag

A large, wide bag with a top opening and two handles. Informal-looking.

Cosmetic Bag

Image result for cosmetic bag

Bags of varying sizes and shapes with a zip closure lined to hold cosmetics.

Hobo bag

Image result for hobo bag

A large crescent-shaped shoulder bag or any large bag that hangs from your shoulder and has a main compartment closure (unlike the “tote” which is normally open top)


A small bag worn over the shoulder that closes with a flap and often buckles.


A U-shaped design based on the bags attached behind the saddle on a horse, bicycle, or motorcycle.


A small, metal evening bag adorned with ornamentation like jewels or beads and often has a chain strap for carrying.


A handbag with a strong, typically angular structure.

Doctor bag

A stiff, rectangular bag with a flat bottom and a top, center closure.


Image result for wristlet

A small clutch shaped bag that comes with an attached leather or bracelet-looking strap allowing you to hold your bag and dance freely.



There are a variety type of bags available in different shapes, sizes, materials, colors & form. They each have different purpose- informal, formal, for gym, prom etc.










Experimenting with Arduino

This week, we got to learn Arduino and adaFruit. Personally, I enjoyed experimenting with Adafruit due to its user-friendly tutorials especially for super beginners like me. These ledlights were being lit up when someone’s clapped.

I discovered that with Adafruit, I could create many interesting stuffs such as this- Adafruit’s Secret Knock Activated Drawer Lock- where the user can record a secret knock pattern which will open the lock inside the drawer. There are variety of ideas that could be done with Adafruit!

Moving on to Arduino. This ledlight ‘blinked’ after I had programmed it on laptop and then placed the led into the correct output. There are other ways too such as the ‘fading’ effect and etc.

Both starts with A and have ‘ui’ in their names.

Final Image Making Through Type – Project 1

Balloon Artist

A balloon artist which produces works of art installations which revolves around balloon. Balloons are considered as experiential, living art. They can be in different forms, material, consists of different mixtures of air particles.

Gold Smelter

Gold Smelter’s roles and responsibility includes the operation of melting  of gold and mould them into gold bars. Usually the location is near to the mining site, so as to ease the transportation. The melted gold from the furnace can be seen pouring down onto the letters and then becoming gold bars.

Jazz Café Owner

An owner of a café that does not only serves a wide variety of beverages but also offers nightly live jazz for my customers. (shown by the musical note of text “S”)      The classical neon sign can be seen on plastered concrete of the café exterior.

Rhythmic gymnast

A rhythmic gymnast usually performs with a ribbon and combines the element of ballet. The spotlight projects a bright beam of light onto stage which focuses on the “ribbon” text and a ballet shoes can be seen hanging onto it.

Process of “Gold Smelter”

What is the role and responsibility of a Gold Smelter? A gold smelter is someone who works at a production of gold factory, whereby the gold substance is being heated to a very high temperature. It is being heated up till the melting point then poured into mould which makes them into gold bars. Usually located in the rural and inaccessible area due to the nature location of the gold. (which consists of dirt, mud, soil – in order to hunt the gold underneath the Earth soil)

My name is Syadza and I am a

As I am quite new to C4D, I had look up for 3D artist references in order to decide what are the different kinds of settings and renderings that I wanted to produce. Firstly, I started off with creating my own cursive text on Illustrator using vector. After creating the vectorised form, I had imported the lines into Cinema 4D. 

After importing, I started to produce “capsule” for the lines. This is so that the 2D imported lines from AI became into 3D capsulized texts. However, as pictured in the above image, the 3D form is stiff and does not have a very smooth edge. After some changes being made to the segments settings, the edges looks fine!

Now, its time to add the melting component of the overall text composition. I did this by extruding certain parts of the text and then group them under the “subdivision surface” in order to have the fluid smooth texture/effect.

After experimenting with different backgrounds, I decided to make the backdrop in brown and add a ‘soil’ texture for the floor. This is because gold are found buried deep down in the Earth. Based on peers’ feedbacks and consultation, I decided to pour the melted gold from the top of the composition. This is to convey that there is a furnace up there, which contains the liquidified gold.

Process of “Rhythmic gymnast”

A rhythmic gymnast usually performs with a ribbon and combines the element of ballet. I decided to created a text of my name in a form of satin ribbon. As a rhythmic gymnast, audience’s attention should focuses only on the gymnast. Hence, the background is the stage- which usually depicts in red- and there is a spotlight that projects a bright beam of light in centre of the whole composition.

My name is Syadza and I am a

First off, I created the ‘ribbon’ effect on the text. I intended to make swirling forms of the ribbon. Afterwards, the texture of the ribbon is also important in order to make it look like a gold satin ribbon.

Finally, the background which was made to represent the stage, with the projected spotlight and also a pair of ballet shoes hanging onto the edge of the text.