If I were to choose just one object that represents myself and has a significant value to it, I choose my own personal foldable bicycle.

I usually went for a ride around my neighborhood when my mind was overflowing with useless thoughts. It helps to clear my mind about school work, life issues and to be away from the busy civilization. At the same time, it improves my state of well-being. Sometimes, I cycle at the nearby park as it is a good way of interacting with the nature. I believed that regular exposure to greenery helps to improve our mental health. What I liked when cycling surrounding with nature, is the refreshing smell of trees and morning dews. This is what had kept cycling over the past few years, since primary school.

Happiness is when you ride your bicycle downhill. The refreshing feeling of wind going against me, evokes a sense of freedom. For me, cycling gives a sense of freedom that nothing else can.

Previously the destinations of which my old bicycle went to, is limited within my surrounding neighbourhood area. It is quite troublesome to go to further places with my previous old bicycle, as it is heavy and unfoldable. With this new foldable bicycle that was bought recently this year, I am able to travel further away from my neighbourhood with a much portable, slimmer bike. It can be easily folded into the vehicle. I do sometimes cycle at the East Coast Park during public holidays. Other places includes Sungei Buloh, Woodlands Waterfront, West Coast, Chinese Garden and etc. Cycling in nature helps to alleviate things off my mind, as though the bicycle is powered by positive thinking.

Mid-range shot, showing the “exhausting” emotion

However, there is one downside to it. It gets pretty exhausting carrying the bicycle up the stairs, when there is no ramp seen nearby.