(Refer to the GIF below)

Upon pushing Button A the animation that is programmed will play. We also tested the circuit if it can be powered by an external power source. 

(Refer to the below GIF)

LEDs were responding randomly with the power output.

                            We also were figuring out the number of LEDs that were on the strip and how to program it individually. And also the testing of the light sensor which flickered for about 0.5 second.

Experimenting with the light sensitivity along with the buttons.

The distance of light source and threshold of light detected.

Pressing on the A&B button, the LED strip will twitch before on/off.

Finalization of the coding

The main idea is to create a simple basic jacket that caters the Adafruit, the battery and the wires. Most importantly, the jacket has to be waterproof at all times.

(The first trial attempt of incorporating the LEDs in together with the material)