Initial ideas

Initially our group moodbox was based on A but it was changed to B to suits the Final. The images below are the processes and our PREVIOUS Group’s Moodbox.

We had many different ideas and test for the modulars. And one of it was this- a cylinder modular structure. However, we decided to forgo this ideation as it is too big and not executable.


We used different material for the habitats (matte & reflective) to give texture experience for audience to experience and interact. (note that there is a slight difference in temperature for cooler surface of reflective material as compared to the matte)

The highway for transportation have cable car of “diamond beads” for the elves to move and transport the mined diamonds. Users can interact with this part of installation.


A series of mirrors, reflective surfaces can be used to better reflect the light. Also, the highway links are too little, we should add in more to create much more ‘activeness’ of the city. And lastly, thanks to my groupmates, Xuan Wei and Huien for cooperating and work together as a group! Thanks Cheryl for the great 3D lessons too.