Cuppetelli & Mendoza COLLABORATION

They come from two very different artisctic backgrounds, Cuppetelli from fiber arts and Mendoza from programming. Patterns, repetition and interaction are aspects that relevant to both fiber/fashion and computer programming and they took this common point to create work that reflects the intersection of these two disciplines.


Interference Pool is an interactive installation that aesthetically and conceptually explores the superposition of virtual and physical space.

The work consists of two floor sculptures, 5′ x 10′ each, faced with a series of parallel elastic cord lines, spaced about an inch apart. These sculptures are illuminated by two video projectors, which output a computer generated graphic consisting of a set of white lines equal to the physical lines in the structure, both in number and configuration. With the aid of a video camera and custom software, the video projections react to a viewer’s motion: when a viewer moves, the computer determines the direction of the motion and generates a set of virtual forces that affect the lines, which curve and bend in a highly naturalistic way, as if they were being disturbed by wind or waves.