Information that should be included in the poster.

  • Definition and what it is about.
  • The important 5 principles as stated by TAFEP.
  • Surveys to show and infer the data.



  • The body text is too lengthy and difficult to read
  • Does not have engaging visuals to represent the key points of the topic
  • Just focus on one target group. Either at school institutions or workplace or it could be educating the young since preschool.


Drafts 1.1 and 1.2:

The flow of the data survey seems rather messy and the information is everywhere. Hence, I thought of adding an infinite flow of paperwork from the printer and the information from the survey could be placed there.

Also, the use of yellow card means to caution someone because of foul and  inappropriate behavior.

Drafts 2.1 and 2.2:

I decided to change the overall color scheme to gives off a formal tone yet engagingly friendly. Also, I wanted to show that different races stand together against racial discrimination in the workplace. So I placed a bunch of hands of different skin tones, holding up the yellow card.

Also based on given feedbacks, I included the target audience and objective of the infographic poster. This infographic poster is to help explain about my project (task 3 and 4) to the reader.



(The color on screen is not reflected correctly. It differs from exact poster colors)


  • There are two repeated slogans. This is unnecessary, so perhaps could remove the one at the bottom. Also, the chosen typeface is not really synchronize with the theme of the topic – which is in serious and formal tone.
  • The play of the paper scrolls could extend till to the left bottom of the poster.
  • Some commented about the skin tone of the guy in the poster – it does not suits with the topic which is about racial discrimination – hence should choose a skin tone that is considered as the minority here in Singapore.



Overall, I am pretty satisfied with the poster as I progress through the ideas and thoughts processes. I learnt that an infographic poster is something that the readers would know what the topic is all about at the first glance. Meaning the play of the visuals as well as the icons are important. Condense and lengthy body text are not really efficient and effective to the readers. Based from these feedbacks, I tried to make the information short and easy to understand.