Material and Applications of the Pandora

KEYWORD: Contrast

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For Model 1, the Dominant is plastic, Sub-dominant is granite and lastly, Sub-ordinate is metal(tungsten to be exact). The contrast is in terms of the material properties in relation to its size.

// concept // (assuming all 3 elements are of the same volume and size)

The D is the biggest among those 3 elements, but contrasting to the size, it is the lightest as it is made of plastic. The SD being the sub-dominant should be neither the lightest nor the heaviest hence, I chose granite as it fits the role. The SO is the smallest but contrasting to that it is heaviest in terms of density.

// applications //

-An elegant clean-edge washing sink, with a shiny-looking water tap accompanied by the mirror.

-An extravagant seating area with a feature wall column behind. The metal piece is a seat divider, as it is placed on the edge, for safety purposes.

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For Model 2, the materials/colors also plays a part in creating a contrast. The D is a reflective surface, SD is an opaque black whereas SO is transparent.

// concept //

I wanted to place the lighter elements which is the sub-dominant & sub-ordinate at the edge of the whole composition. This is to create a contrast between the lighter elements and the heavier (Dominant) element.

// applications //

-A wardrobe with a chalkboard and the transparent is a small compartment for her to-go-accessories.

-A high-end residential building with an infinity pool, along with a huge screen billboard/LCD screen.


  1. Immaculately executed final models & interesting concept & applications. Well done Syadza! 🙂 Do try to turn your model & interpret a different application from a different angle next time. Btw , have you already posted the 2D Sketch Analysis of your 3D object?

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