Narrative Poetry

My Zine will be focuses on poetry which narrates about the life of the city dwellers.

It will be divided into two sections.

  1. A poetry titled “Faceless” – describes the mask-like expressions of the city dwellers. I will be exploring their inner thoughts and emotions. Despite the glamorous, luxurious-looking skyscrapers around them, they are suffocating. They had to portray a positive demeanour to their colleagues and bosses. They are living day by day to earn income for their basic daily needs. Trudging along lifelessly back home during the peak hours.
  2. Next, a poetry that describes ‘Time’ as the first point perspective. About how ‘Time’ is being chased by these human beings- the office workers. About how ‘Time’ is clocking away so fast for the office workers to catch up. And about how precious the ‘Time’ is.

Method of execution:

I will be doing photo manipulation of the images that I had taken previously.