A soft good designer basically conceives, develops and defines all design elements in order to come up with many different methods of design and visualization for the end-product. They would also have to communicate with manufacturers on print and execution, review and then approve. The ability to clearly talk through your ideas is considered important. So, I decided to look up for inspirations online for soft design goods that I will be considering making.

Below are the product sketches on shoes designing:

Source images from : https://www.behance.net/gallery/11193133/Nike-CR7-Mercurial-Vapor-X-FG

The sketches mostly explored the materials, the form of the product- so as to create a pleasant user experience and also little details that improve the quality of product.

Next, these are sample product sketches on bags. They explored the different form of straps, functions (openings,closures) as well as material. (in order to make it lightweight, slim, etc) Before execution, they have to know the user’s body features in order to incorporate ideas/form that is suitable for them. Such as broad shoulders, back body form -are some of factors that must be considered in designing bags.

Source image : https://www.behance.net/gallery/14325125/Sketchbook

A_22_1000-1.jpgSource image : http://alexcalachan.com/#/urbancommuterbag/

In the upcoming posts, I will be sharing my ideations and sketches of soft good design.