Below are my revised 3D Models composition using blue foam.

Revised 3D Model 1

In this composition, the lighter elements which is the sub-dominant and sub-ordinate, are being placed at one side of the composition. Both are at edge and considered the “white” part. Whereas the “black” part of composition will be the dominant which Is the block that act as the base. This creates a distinct contrast of “black” and “white” elements of the composition.

Revised 3D Model 2

For second revised composition, the materials will play an important role in evoking the sense of contrast. Firstly the dominant will be made out of lightweight compressed wood. Whereas the sub dominant is the block that interlocked with the dominant; made out of marble. Their materials are very irony to their outer appearance. The sub-dominant is small but heavy. The dominant is big but lightweight. Their properties are very contrasting with their appearance. 

Lastly, the sub-ordinate will be the small rectangular block that goes through the marble. It might be very small and insignificant but the material;mirror hologram, makes it stands out and contrast to its size, it’s the most shiniest.