Soft good product: Tote Bag

Features: Different compartment sizes for different things. Fit A4 sizes and for tablets/iPad.

Compatible for: People who likes to stay organized without bringing extra smaller compartments. The ‘built-in’ compartments/pockets minimizes space.

Things to consider: Ezlink card, makeup, earpiece, brooches, pens, accessories, ruler(very important for designer), notebook, tissue, penknife, scissors etc.


Initially started with the idea of simply aesthetic. However, it changes along the way in my ideations as I wanted the tote bag to be more functional- especially for people like me. (who prefer to have different compartments in bag)

I had also explored the different types of joining the sides together. Below are the some smaller scale mock ups of different types of joining of the tote bag.

Afterwards, I chose one of the joining methods and began working on the mockup scale 1:1 using the black paper provided.

(back of the tote bag)

(front of the tote bag)

(tote bag with stuffs inside)


As the compartments are the main selling point of the tote bag, I decided to explore the different sizes for the compartments. First, I listed down the things that considered highest priority / most importance. (based on my personal judgement)

Highest importance– Ezlink, earpiece, phone, balm, ointment, medicine.

Most of these items stated above are small-sized and can be fit into 1 compartment by themselves.

Mid importance – Notebook, ruler, pens.

Low importance – Tissue, stationary eg. scissors, penknife, glue etc

And then I proceed to source out for the materials needed. Ideally it would be in synthetic leather- so that it can holds the weight of the things inside. However, I tried out the final product in felt as it is cheaper and easy to sew.

Things to improve/take note: For further improvement on this design, I could explore in different material- more rigid and could hold weight.

Images below are some of the different cuts of felt- in order to combine them as one.

Final outcome …….to be shown.