As my topic is about racial discrimination in workplace, I thought a spatial design would works best to get people to engage in conversations related to the issue. This can be placed around Central Business District targeting the working adults.

First draft exploration:

  • the slogan should change
  • instead of just collecting responses, how about engage people to take a pledge

Second draft:

  • must be practical. currently the cards are not as enough (limitations of cards exists as the cards need to be torn off and could not be replenish instantly)
  • data of the survey does not need to be included.
  • instructions ?

Third draft:

  • i thought i should just make the whole thing simpler
  • added some new avatars – covers the 4 main ethnic races in Singapore – of different attires/ appearances / beliefs.


Feedbacks gathered to move forward towards final draft:

  • It raises and highlights the discriminatory practices but provide no solutions.
  • Recall the aim/purpose.
  • Change the slogan. It is not suitable with the current concept.
  • This can be an outlet for sharing personal stories/ collecting their experiences related to discriminatory in workplace.
  • The “solution” or assistance can be provided in the brochure.
  • At a glance, people should know what does this interactive wall is about.
  • Conversation starter for the crowd, to interact, to take a pledge – make them think what they are capable of doing in helping this issue.





Exhibit space:



  • Maybe could have a guide which helps to promote the brochure and reach out to the people to participate.
  • Rather than just taking a pledge, how about ” How they could help/ tackle the issue..”
  • How about markers? Are they provided with markers? This probably can be solve by having a guide that helps out with the overall flow of the user experience. The guide could explain and provide markers as well as giving out the brochures.