ego – skewed sonnet of learning curve

harmony in variety of five colours in tetrahedric relation, basic tones suggests ideas of young, intuitive learning.series inspired art direction of shinro ohtake’s pieces in ‘paper-sight’, an exhibition birthed during his residency at stpi.ego: skewed sonnet of learning curve is a series of twelve 20x20mm works that explore the obscure concepts of growth and maturity – childish sexual discovery and broken virginity.

the first three lines – y=9, y=13, y=16 – are based on a sonnet written by myself during my adolescent years. the poem goes by the same title. vocabulary used in each stanza are translated both literally and figuratively in visual chaos to create a whole new expression and interpretation of the sonnet.

the last line is based on a poem titled y=21, written to specially for this piece embody the current self.

throughout the series i play with local references to target subliminal memories of childhood without direct recognition.

the following line is based on this stanza

in each line, i use heavily saturated accent colours in the subject to create an emphasis, foreground and background. the composition of the elements follow a certain diagonal to create dynamic and order in the variety. one glance, a clear narrative. but upon every closer look, there is new revelation and symbols to skew the thought.

mutilated graduation photograph of young me
candy canes and cane rods
scissors &
drawing of scissors that looks like a penis
bata logo missing a T – baa baa baa
faceless sheep
ken doll

dragon playground
bandages that form crossses
drawing of playground

velcro bata shoe
tassel whip
carcass of sheep
skull of sheep
eyes from photo of young me in first composition
punishment lines that read: “i will make better choices”
photo of squatting young me
drawing of myself playing at slide that looks like a penis

the following line is based on this stanza

ideas of puberty creep into this line. lots of pinks and blues are used to pull focus and illustrate the concept of litmus (as emphasized in the stanza).

girl with tassle whip hair
christian school pinafore
my eyes in lab goggles
cats cradle
diagram of hand sign to intercourse
my surname – 姚 – with chinese character of female in green
chinese foolscap box
‘popo’ (missing p) and ‘fish’ from fish muruku packaging
sex diagram paper cut out

lab beaker
photo of me with eyes from first composition masked out
mouth from hentai comic
student couple kissing from stomp
data log chart
ovary diagram as pipette
ministry of education logo
pythagoras theorem
para para sakura arrows
old nokia phone

grapefruit and other citrus fruits
fish muruku mascot baby
hand holding litmus paper
nipples with milk squirting out
lab beaker
diagram of double helix DNA

the following line is based on this stanza

the great gatsby – my literature text – is an overarching theme in this line. green (as in the green light in gatsby) is used to pull and subvert focus from subject and background.

my teenage photo
face in gatsby cover
eyes from photo of my teenage self
gatsby blackout poetry
uno with ‘no’ highlighted

‘eyes of god’ from gatsby
batman’s joker mouth and nose (ref to shootings in 2012)
receipt with handwriting that reads ‘find rich husband’
eyes from my teenage self

rocking horse
handwritte ‘slut’ missing the L
snare drum
‘stop’ and ‘+2’ uno cards
the great gatsby analysis worksheet

the following line is based on this poem

this line is simplified to show mature concepts that have evolved with the young adultish mind of my current self.

sparkling fuji apple logo mispelt to form ‘spankin’
bird from snow white
photo of my current self overlayed with question marks
snow white’s mouth

drawing of snow white in sexy attire
birthday cake
birds from snow white
recording watermark
fuji apple from sparkling fuji apple drink
‘F’, ‘A’, ‘P’ highlighted

mother mary as the witch from snow white
sparkling fuji apple canned
egg and sperm that form bubbles
photo of my current self praying
snow white’s sleeve, collar and crown

alas, the final product — to be reproduced one day, larger scale, silk screen printed on canvas.