Body Storming Documentation for Blind and Chandeliers

Update from Bodystorming:

*Kinect is replaced with PIR motion sensor
*I will only use 3 blinds
*Middle blind to be slightly larger and of a tanner shade.

The main takeaway from the body-storming activity lies in user interaction. It was surprising to discover that my intended set up was unintuitive, considering the only action involved was to stand in front of it, a rather instinctive action. However, I do believe that a large part of the interactive process is exploring how the installation reacts to you rather than giving explicit instruction. The latter seems to take away from the experience and its abstract nature. Unless I intend to develop it into something commercial like a guerrilla ad or some sort of mall display, then again this is not Wee Kim Wee. So I have chosen to trust my instincts on this project, since I am spending good money on it and a lot of this expressive process has to do with my own logic and sensations. Furthermore, lo-fi prototype is insufficient to demonstrate my idea accurately, crucial details may be left out.

That being said, I will be making these changes. For example I will be using less blinds, therefore limiting the space where my audience will peruse. I figured by simplifying my installation and limiting the area for activity would make interaction more clear and intuitive for people who are generally more passive in new artistic experiences, or people who generally do not appreciate art. The middle blind will also be bigger and of a different shade to act as visual interest to encourage a closer glance and to attract people in general.

password: bodystorm