Creative Chaos: I am my Desktop

Long story short, I am quite the creative chaos. I find comfort in dropping files onto my desktop, no folder nor systematic naming. I find comfort in the candidness of this screen. The low maintenance of my desktop is congruent with that of my physical spaces and personality. There is a beauty in the natural chronological curation, this haphazard sequence. The little thumbnails of inspiration like a moodboard, Screen Shot 2018-0…pm. The way the files stack over each other is digital art. My wallpaper is my personal work, splatters of paint and a drawing of my friend whose skin is brown and purple and yellow. They add a different texture to the chaos, and I like that. Almost all my Adobe Creative Suites are open, housed on my dock. Some icons I’ve not seen before, but I am not compelled to close them. Probably some kind of Acrobat installer or something, I’m candid like that. They say that a cluttered space cultivates a cluttered mind, then what about an empty room?

Author: Su Xian

I use big fonts.

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