micro project 1 — telestroll

Posted by Yeow Su Xian on Tuesday, 23 January 2018

This micro project pulls on the candidness of social broadcasting at juxtaposed locations – the cemetery of my deceased grandfather and North Spine where EC’s friends and schoolmates roam. We wanted to collapse the tangible and intangible distance between these 2 locations that we hold close to our hearts, while performing a modified piece of the fable The Tortoise and the Hare. Mid performance we break character to eat, further collapsing the distance of our personal stories to the fables narrative and moral. We also wanted to show juxtaposed live images of places that were light hearted and heavy hearted – against the backdrop of the race in the fable – acts as social commentary for our substanceless society today. After the performance I paid respects to my late Grandfather, as EC moves on with another warm day in NTU. We had just experienced 2 contrasting sets of emotions under the same sunset. We were delighted to have had shared each other’s experience through these very different walks.

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