This project explores the idea of individualism and manipulating natural light to create an experience. A series of blinds that close into mirrors and are arranged against sunlight. They open as an audience member is present in front of it. It takes 1 second for the blind to open fully, and when that threshold is reached, the entire series of blinds will shut instantaneously.

1—blinds begin in a shut state, blocking out sunlight and act as a mirror

2—distance sensor detects, blinds will open gradually but quickly as long as a person is present in front of it

3—if audience member linger/stops to look, all blinds will shut, depriving not just himself of his reflection/the experience, but also every other audience member


Blind explores the sensation of instantaneous change. Each audience member will experience physically and exteriorly their own or another’s role in cause and gargantuan effect. There is a significant sense of guilt and group in this experience. The installation deprives them of the ability to linger or look at themselves. It also explores the tension of individualism and its thresholds/limits. As the blinds open and shut, it should create a rarely conceived feeling of creation and destruction at the same time. In a more relatable context, the audience may familiarise this feeling and loss, change, renewal and sacrifice.


There is both a literal and figurative exploration of the theme Interstice in this project. It could be interpreted the gaps between the blinds that allow us to see the world beyond ourselves, but also the unexpected gap between creation and destruction in a matter of time.


Input—Distance sensor

Output—Pull mechanism

Single or multiple.


est. size 10m length, 1m height

Strike Rich: Chandeliers

This interactive set up aims to mimic/incite the feeling of luck and superstition in a local context. It will consist of 2 chandelier set ups, eat embellished not by jewels, but rather everyday humbles such as kopi bags and hanging laundry. The set up unravels into chandelier form when a person walks under it, simultaneously whispering a randomly generated 4-digit combination (significant of 4D). The whispers will be ambiguous and made out of sounds of gust or the clatter of other ambient paraphernalia.


Strike Rich explores the interstices between our average daily routines and striking rich. It studies the tendency of Singaporeans to actively look out for lucky numbers, unit numbers and death certificates, and opportunities to strike rich instantaneously. Chances are most Singaporeans have experienced such sensations or superstitious luck through recurring numbers or coincidences that simply make them feel lucky, as if divine intervention.


Input—Distance sensor

Output—Audio player

Intended for single person.


est. size 90cm diameter x 100cm extended height


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