The Shibori Method


Shibori is commonly used in tie-dye. However, for this class, we manipulated thermoplastics with the Shibori method. This method creates three dimensional textures on a thermoplastic without the need for sewing. The materiel of the textile should be 100% polyester, and preferably a light one, to yield the most effective results.

We created our outcomes by creating folds in our fabric by tying it around objects or manipulating it in different forms, then wrapping them in aluminium foil (to preserve colour) and boiling it in water for around an hour.

After we remove it and allow it to cool, it retains the shape that we left it to boil it, therefore creating a texture on the fabric. This technique is useful in creating organic tessellations (with marbles or coins) or create complex geometric forms without smocking (origami method).


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