Updated Abstract

as of 25 September 2020

Full Circle is an animated series exploring ways of presenting scientific information through the multifaceted realms of narrativity. The project is targeted at scientific concepts that are consequentially distant to the layman. While science serves as the cogs of this narrative, the series yields the context and familiarity of experiences in life as poetic devices, actively treading the line between scientific information and visual narrativity. The format seeks to encourage further discourse into the way we understand scientific information, bridging the gap between hard-shelled facts and humanistic tendencies.

This animated series explores the extent to which the Moon is entangled with life on Earth. It follows a narrative paved by a combination of empirical and experiential information about the Moon, gathered through interviews with astronomical societies in Singapore. This narrative is guided by scientific research. The empirical study of the Moon is accompanied by analogies of its influence on human life, bringing the planetary scale of the Moon down to eye level. It is exemplary of the familiar, empathetic realm that creative formats can bring to scientific information, while still retaining its credibility and furthering discourse in studies.

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  1. The first sentence is too long- please break down into shorter sentences.
    “While information” ( what information – be specific – not only about the moon)
    “The format” ( what format)
    ..we understand what information ( scientific?)
    The animated series ( no need particular )

    Please send me a word document so I can look and edit? Make sure no more than 200 words.

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