Wet Felting, Needle Felting and Appliqué


Appliqué involves stitching multiple fabrics together to form a single piece of fabric. In experimental explorations of this, it could also involve embedding other materials in it.

For my exploration of appliqué, I places some 3D pompoms inside pockets I created through sewing 2 pieces of cloth together in between the felt. I also embedded some threads and yarns in the felt to create a graphic outcome. To finish, I made a lining with pompom trimmings.



WET felting

Wet felting involves creating a felt by layering wool (they could be in different colours) and lathering them with soap and warm water. The arrangement of these wools could be deliberate to create a designed wool piece. Small items like yarn can also be embedded in them.

The more one lathers, the more dense the felt. It is also a choice to create shapes and holes with the felt. To finish off, we dry it in between sheets of paper.

You could also needle felt some eyes on after it’s dried.


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NEEDLE felting

Needle felting is a common technique used in puppetry. It is created with a felting needle (practically a normal needle with upward facing hooks) and wool. The needle agitates the wool and combines them into a felt. The more you agitate the wool, the denser the felt created by it.

I created a puppet had by felting some beads onto a sphere (felted previously in class). I also felted some wool yarns into the head to create hair.


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