Lore 7: Entertainment

As you might have already know, the Piu technicians’ pastimes are to either chill out in the cosy pantry with fellow technicians and have some food, or have a good bounce session on the foyer floor to relieve some stress. Some Pius, out of their working hours, also like to listen and sing along to music that sometimes get broadcasted… Read more →

Lore 6: Celebration

One major celebration that the Piu dream technicians have is on Mea’s birthday, because it is also the day that marks their work anniversary. The celebration party is held the night before Mea’s birthday in the pantry, and everyone is involved except for the newest dream technician who would most probably be busy recording Mea’s dream. There would be yummy food,… Read more →

Lore 5: Law

There is one rule in Mea’s School of Dreams that all dream technicians have to follow: To record each and every one of Mea’s dreams when they happen, even when they know that some of these dreams might fade on their own over time. The purpose is to keep as full a archive as they can, just in case Mea wants… Read more →

Chapter 1: Into the Castle

At the School of Dreams, both of you are standing at the portal to Mea’s Castle of Dreams that the lecturer-in-charge opened up.  The portal is swirling quietly with a gold colour. Tilting his glasses, your horse lecturer said in a deep voice, “Past that portal and you will be in there for the next three months. There will be… Read more →

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