Lore 6: Celebration

One major celebration that the Piu dream technicians have is on Mea’s birthday, because it is also the day that marks their work anniversary. The celebration party is held the night before Mea’s birthday in the pantry, and everyone is involved except for the newest dream technician who would most probably be busy recording Mea’s dream. There would be yummy food, games and music during the party.

Every year, one dream technician would be responsible for the highlight of the party: showing five dreams that he/she thinks are the most memorable.

Nearing midnight, everyone would gather at the main foyer and witness the addition of another new storey of the castle at the strike of twelve. It is quite a fascinating event to see; one brand new storey inflating from the previous one, forming another new year of dreams. After the new storey is formed, there would be fireworks seen outside the glass roof, which the Pius also look forward to. While watching the ten-minute fireworks, some of the technicians might choose to take a glimpse at the newest storey of the castle.

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