Lore 7: Entertainment

As you might have already know, the Piu technicians’ pastimes are to either chill out in the cosy pantry with fellow technicians and have some food, or have a good bounce session on the foyer floor to relieve some stress.

Some Pius, out of their working hours, also like to listen and sing along to music that sometimes get broadcasted in the Castle. This music comes from the world that Mea is in that was currently playing.

Some of the many¬†other hobbies that the Pius¬†enjoy are drawing, growing mini plants, decorating their house with the abundant stuff they find in the pantry. Some who are more into their job would go back into Mea’s dreams to analyse Mea’s dreams; one of them who does that is Glasses.

You might also already know that only Boss has a red door on the third storey of the Castle of Dreams that leads to anywhere in the world that he desires, so he has the privilege to have more diverse entertainment. He likes to go to Mea’s world and play with the cat in the park near the supermarket where he gets his pantry food from, after which he takes a walk there to Mea’s nursing home. On the way there, he would pick some bougainvilleas for Mea. After leaving the flowers there, he would then head back to the Castle of Dreams in her head, through her ear.

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