Month: April 2018

you can stand under my umbrella

Julie and Mike are into sadomasochistic sexting. Which among these emojis is most likely their ‘safe emoji’? Why?   Pickle is most likely their ‘safe emoji’, as, compared to the rest, it is one that will stand out in context as relatively more incongruous and unambiguous.   As Cameron & Kulick (2003) explored in Language and Sexuality, the eroticising of power… Read more →

Peach Please!

Discuss some aspect(s) of the nexus of language, sex, and food (or food talk). Language, sex and food function as a system of communication, with issues in food and sex inextricably encoded in the negotiation of identity as mediated by language. Some aspects of the nexus of language, sex and food to be discussed include food replacing sex as an… Read more →

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