Project 3: Final Presentation

After getting the feedback:

I decided not doing die cut. I placed my elephant at the front of the brochure. The first and last pages give a sense of continuity. The elephant is blowing the bubbles and the bubbles are flying to the last page. Also, I placed the piano keyboard at the inside and outside of the brochure to show the continuity. I cropped the images into circle and placed the images on bubbles. Elephant is blowing the bubbles over the brochure.

Normal Printing:

Back View and Inside View

Front View and Back View when the brochure is closed

Final Artwork:

  Overall Design 

 Inside of the Brochure

 Back View when brochure is closed

 Front and Back View

 Front View


13 Nov: Work In Progress Check

After getting the feedback:

I decided to place my elephant on both sides which mean when viewers open the brochure, they can see an elephant. When they close it, they also can see an elephant at the back of the brochure. I placed the piano keyboard on both sides (inside and back of the brochure) to make it looks like fluently. Also, I focused on bubble shapes. For instance, I cropped the pictures to circle and placed them on the colourful bubble.

 Front Brochure Design

 Inside of the Brochure


Project 3 Brochure for Arts and Health at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital (Task 1: Design Exploration)

Shape of the brochure is triangle. It can be opened easily. Viewers can see the information easily. There is two figures in the brochure and look like connected when the brochure is closed. Colour of brochure is nice, it gives a sense of smoothly.

Minimal Design, fold easily. Viewers can understand and get the information easily. There is one die cut in this design. It is a interesting part.

The design can be recognized easily. The overall design is a car. It was folded in a way. Therefore, viewers can open it in a natural way. All the information can be arranged in a sequence. Viewers can read the information easily. The choice of colour is nice, it attract viewers to read it.

Playing with Folds

There are 3 mock up.

Mock up 1

Mock Up 2

Mock Up 3

Visual Studies of the design 

I printed it to see how can it be folded and how it looks like.

Inside of the Brochure





When You Fold it





When You Open It





Back View of the Brochure

Poster Exhibition

Final Design of Artwork

My concept is caring.

The main character in my poster is elephant.

Why I choose elephant?

In Christian, elephant is an icon of temperance, patience, and chastity. While as a Chinese symbol, the elephant is considered a symbol of happiness.

Action of the elephant is showing happiness. Coming down from the slides which is a piano keyboard with happy face. Elephant acts as the volunteer. Elephant is blowing heart shape that signifies the spreading of love by volunteer to the patients.Hot air balloon acts as a palette to represent art and craft activities.

Background Colour:

Orange is associated with meanings of joy, warmth, happiness, fun. Also, Orange promotes a sense of general wellness and emotional energy that should be shared, such as compassion, passion, and warmth. Orange will help a person recover from disappointments or a wounded heart.


Task 3: Design Refinement & Mock Up

 Mock Up 1

 Mock Up 2

 Mock Up 3

Feedback after consultation:

  1. Action of elephant with smiling face
  2. The text of Arts and Health (Move to top)
  3. Slogan (Should separate the text)
  4. Colour of the objects and background (not contrast)- Music Notes and background
  5. The overall of shape of the objects (How the objects flow)

Task 2: Design Exploration

My concept is caring.

Slogan: Let Us Be Your Sunshine

The main character is elephant. The hot air balloon is a palette. Also, I choose piano keyboard and music notes to represent arts and craft activities and performance.

I would focus on yellow on background. Yellow means happiness, positivity, energy and optimism.


Project 2: Arts and Health Promotional Poster ( Task 1B: Develop Slogan & Moodboard)

Our Arts & Health programme aims to bring creativity into different care and community settings for therapeutic, educational, and expressive purposes. Programmes such as visual arts, performing arts, art and music therapies reduce stress, increase social engagement and offer outlets for patients and caregivers to express themselves and improve their emotional and mental recovery.

Concepts Slogan

Join Us and Have Fun

Open Your Heart to Us

Be Our Sunshine

Brainstorm Map


From my moodboard, we can see that there are soft colour like pastel colour. Pastel colour give a sense of gentle, soft and light. Hence, my concepts tend to friendly, good-natured and warm hearted.

For my concept 1 (Join Us and Have Fun), I might use elephant and piano. I wanna to draw a happy elephant. It brings happiness to all the patients. Besides, piano means that all the volunteers and patients are joining performance or art activities.

While for my concept 2 (Open Your Heart to Us), I might use hot air balloon on designing the poster. The hot air balloon filled with a lot of heart shape. Using hot air balloon to delivery love of volunteers to the patients.

Last but not least, concept 3 ( Be Our Sunshine), I might use lucky leaf. We all know that lucky leaf symbolize good luck. Each of leaves has their own meaning which are faith, hope, love and luck. I might use sunflower as well. It gives a sense of warmness.


Project 2: Arts and Health Promotional Poster (Task 1A: Visual Research)

Existing Event Promotion Posters

This poster convey a message which is there is a bigger and better H&M store at Orchard building.

Design of this poster expressed the excited and happy of shopping.

From this poster, the first things I see is two models. This poster is symmetrical. There is two models with happy faces at the center of the poster. Secondly, the red banner at the center attracts viewers. Also, there is white text in the red banner and delivery a clear message to the viewers. From the text, I know they are wearing legging which can be bought in H&M. The background of poster has attractive effect like shining strips. The overall of colour in this poster is grey, white, copper and gold which express excited and looks high class. It is an eye catching poster.

This poster delivery a message which is customers can get free Choya Umeshu when dining in because Sushi Tei is running an event.

The design of poster has a relaxing feel. Like people will feel relax when enjoying the meal and drink.

From this poster, I saw the two cup of Choya Umeshu first. Choya Umeshu spilled out gave a sense of energetic. Colour of Choya Umeshu is very eye catching.  Second thing I see is the text ” Grand Opening Special” and Logo “Sushi Tei”. After that, the below text and images. The overall colour is blending well. Yellow, gold and white are very eye catching in this poster. It gives a sense of fresh and the poster looks tasty, like quench thirst. This a symmetrical poster.

This poster convey a message which is there is a sushi promotion at new new outlet.

The design of this poster is simple but cute. The sushi model is eye catching. Therefore, viewers know that this is sushi poster. The text with red colour is big. From this poster, I saw the sushi model first. Following by the red text and white text. This is an asymmetrical poster.

Task 4: Project Presentation

Arts on the Move

Design Aim: To design a badge for volunteers- to convey a message: Volunteers who are willing to give unconditional love for patients, caring for them as much as they can and accompany them. Also, to deliver the message of Art on the Move program. Volunteers carry out the activities with patients at their bedside.

Aim of Art on the Move: To allow patients to enroll in art and craft activities at their bedside.

Concept: Caring

Keywords: Sunlight, Sunflower, Swan, Hearty, Warmhearted, Cheerful, Hopeful, Optimistic



Swan is the main role in the badge. Therefore, I sketched some Swan icon. I combined the swans to show the heart shape. Also, I sketched some lines, all of these lines are represent rainbow.

After doing sketches, I decided to use one swan and the overall shape is a heart shape to deliver my concept.

Initial Idea (Ai)

 Idea 1

Idea 2

Colour Exploration/ Design Refinement

Colour Exploration (with words: Art on the Move)

Final Design (with words: Art on the Move)



Final Design

Black and White Version

Colour Version 


My concept is about caring. Therefore, I used Swan in designing the badge. Swan is a gentle creature. It represents the characteristics of a volunteer and shows how caring they are for their patients. I used rainbow as well. The combination of rainbow and swan shows a heart shape. Why rainbow? Rainbow is a symbol of magical blessings. It brings fresh beginnings and new prosperity. It also embodies the Art on the Move programme where patients participate the art and craft activities. It acts as a palette. The colour is spreading from the palette.

Colour Selection:

I used light blue and red on this badge. Blue is strongly associated with tranquility and calmness. It has a calming effect that can warm a patient’s heart when they see these it. Also, Blue is used to symbolize piety and sincerity. While red is the colour of fire that is associated with energy, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire and love. For example, volunteers show their caring for them. It also conveys a message which is courage.