Project 1: Arts on the Move (Task1: Information Gathering and Idea Generating)


Environment (Exterior):
– Shopping Mall (IMM, JEM, Big Box and Westgate)

– Roads with a lots of traffic lights

Environment (Interior):

– There are travelators in hospital.

– Corridor is wide.

– There are big windows with bars along the corridor that allow sunlight in.

– The hosipital is connected with shopping malls or buildings such as Jem, Westgate, Big Box, IMM and so on.

– Saw some volunteers who wear green coat with badge.

How does the environment look like and feel?

To be honest, I do not like to go hospital. But maybe this Hospital is connected with shopping malls or buildings. It has many linkways that allow people to walk from mall to mall or hospital to mall/ building. Therefore, I am not really feel that I am in hospital.

Based on my observation, the environment of NTF Hospital gives me a sense of tranquil. Therefore, I did a mindmap with some keywords.



Concept 1

I decided to use shine/ Energetic in my first idea. The background filled in with 7 colours (rainbows) while the word is the negative space.

Reason why I chose rainbow: Because Rainbow is a symbol of magical blessings. It brings fresh beginnings and new prosperity. Also, colour of rainbow is attractive. It might reduce worry of patients when they see the badge.


Shine/ Energetic

-hope -wish -bright -sparkling -colourful -wonderful

Concept 2

For my second idea, my concept will be very simple and guileless. It might be a smiling face by using the word (as mouth).

Reason why I chose simple and guileless: Because I hope the patients feel carefree and not like stay in a cage. The colour might be pastel colour. Pastel have a calming effect and allow to feel spring. It might warm patient’s heart when they see these colour.



– uncomplicated – plain – pure -casual

Concept 3

My third concept is cheerful. I hope patients feel happy and less worry when they stay in hospital. For third idea, I choose Swan. The combination of swans formed a heart shape. It might convey a message which is volunteers give them unconditional love even though they are not their family. Volunteers also can take care them like family.



– cheerful – pleasant – hearty – friendly