13 Nov: Work In Progress Check

After getting the feedback:

I decided to place my elephant on both sides which mean when viewers open the brochure, they can see an elephant. When they close it, they also can see an elephant at the back of the brochure. I placed the piano keyboard on both sides (inside and back of the brochure) to make it looks like fluently. Also, I focused on bubble shapes. For instance, I cropped the pictures to circle and placed them on the colourful bubble.

 Front Brochure Design

 Inside of the Brochure


Project 3 Brochure for Arts and Health at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital (Task 1: Design Exploration)

Shape of the brochure is triangle. It can be opened easily. Viewers can see the information easily. There is two figures in the brochure and look like connected when the brochure is closed. Colour of brochure is nice, it gives a sense of smoothly.

Minimal Design, fold easily. Viewers can understand and get the information easily. There is one die cut in this design. It is a interesting part.

The design can be recognized easily. The overall design is a car. It was folded in a way. Therefore, viewers can open it in a natural way. All the information can be arranged in a sequence. Viewers can read the information easily. The choice of colour is nice, it attract viewers to read it.

Playing with Folds

There are 3 mock up.

Mock up 1

Mock Up 2

Mock Up 3

Visual Studies of the design 

I printed it to see how can it be folded and how it looks like.

Inside of the Brochure





When You Fold it





When You Open It





Back View of the Brochure