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Lady Gaga is well known for her unusual and provocative work as well as outrageous and absurd outfits. In addition to that, Lady Gaga is also widely known and considered as a gay icon by the LGBT committee. Lady Gaga has never been afraid to let the world know about her sexuality and the fact that she was bisexual. But she has not always been this upfront about her sexuality.

“Poker Face” by Lady Gaga is one of the most successful and best-selling single and song of all time. The song received a lot of attention and attained worldwide success, topping the music charts in numerous countries all over the world. However, the song holds a lot more meaning and significance to Lady Gaga. The song is also about her personal experience with bisexuality.

Lady Gaga also mentioned that she used to hide her sexuality from her partners, as she feels bad for her partner (James, 2017). But that is not the case anymore, after writing the song, “Poker Face”, which is about her fantasizing about a woman while she is with a man, and how she goes about hiding it behind her ‘poker face’.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the 27 year-old revealed how her boyfriends tend to react to her bisexuality and open mind towards sexual exploration. “The fact that I’m into women, they’re all intimidated by it. It makes them uncomfortable. They’re like, ‘I don’t need to have a threesome. I’m happy with just you’,” she explained.

Just like Lady Gaga’s boyfriends who are uncomfortable about her bisexuality and open-mindedness towards sexual exploration, many are still reserved about the existence of other sexualities besides heterosexuality.

However, over the years, as the number of people identifying with lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) increases, more and more people in the society are becoming accepting of such sexualities. In fact, according to a survey conducted Pew Research Center, many LGBT adults believe that the increase in social acceptance was due to more people coming into personal contact and have friends who belong to the LGBT committee (Drake, 2013).

In addition to that, the fact that more public figures have come to embrace their sexualities and are willing to share about their personal experiences have also helped in encouraging acceptance. These public figures who practice self-acceptance and are comfortable with their own sexuality play a major role in influencing the LGBT committee. They act like their role models, thus influencing them to accept themselves as well as their sexualities.

Not only that, Lady Gaga also credited her success and fame to the LGBT committee and is an active supporter of LGBT rights worldwide. Lady Gaga’s courage to face her sexuality and sexual orientation, as well as her efforts to stand up against oppression, has indeed inspired the LGBT committee to embrace their sexualities and practice self-acceptance. Also, Lady Gaga has been an influential gay icon who actively fought for and supported LGBT rights.

Just like the public figures who picked up the courage to accept and embrace their sexualities, I hope that the society will be more courageous and be accepting of the LGBT committee and support them in their journey of self-acceptance and self discovery. Also, it is important that the public understands that the existing social preconception is heavily influenced by that of heteronormativity, the belief that people belong to a well defined and complementary gender groups with natural roles attached. Heteronormativity presumes that heterosexuality is the norm in the society. With that, I hope that the society will stop viewing the LGBT committee with the existing stereotypes.






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  1. I feel that society tends to overgeneralize non-heterosexuals; sometimes undermining the variation across individuals in the LGBTQ community (as if they are all uniform) – labels such as LGBTQ, bisexual etc thus shine light on these alternative orientations. I agree with how society is being increasingly aware and accepting of a non-heterosexual identity due to their acquaintance and friendships with these individuals, or in response to public figures ‘coming out of the closet’. But I feel a large part is also attributed to media – be it through the medium of songs, television series or movies. The Western culture also glamorizes homosexuality and alternative orientations; cultural associations are transferred together with various forms of media, influencing people from other parts of the world. Sometimes, it also seems as if tolerance of non-heterosexual identities behaved as an indicator of how developed a population is; on the assumption that society should be open-minded and liberal. I feel that the portrayal of homosexuality (and alternative identities) in media would be an interesting topic of research due to its dynamic nature.

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