Lesson/Homework 4: Perspective In Landscape

We finally get to step out of class for drawing YAY but on a Saturday. It is still good. Finally a place that is isn’t in a room and we have more things around us to take note of and to draw.

We met at bayfront MRT that day and made our way to Gardens by the Bay! It is a beautiful place in the day and night and ain’t I glad that we went there for our sort of excursion to draw! We were brought to a spot and we had to choose to draw whatever tree and make it the main focal point of our drawing. The spot I chose was this:


Pretty nice huh? The problem to me was the leaves on the tree. How do you bring out the leaves in the tree when it is so tiny. Advice given was to just use any lines/marks that you want to bring it out. Here is what I came up with:


Pardon the bear-ness of the tree. It is really difficult for me as this is my first time trying to draw a landscape filled with different things and putting it all into my drawing. I definitely left out a few things but I tried to include as many as I can. Sight sizing was used again in this drawing and it was really tiring but I was pretty satisfied with my drawing. At least I managed to capture the branches of the tree and also the leaves I used curved lines as it is really tiny and there’s so many leaves on it that you can’t expect me to draw out every single detail one by one. That will be tedious.

After the exercise, we were told to draw a tree for our homework. I then went to my house area and scouted for a tree to draw.


I know it is not much of a  tree but this is the best that I can find around my block. It was horrifying though as I think about the amount of details in this spot alone but I decide to draw it anyway.


It was pretty difficult to make the tree that I am focusing on prominent. There I decide to fade out the trees around the tree that I am focusing on. As well as fading the things t hat are further away from me. To really bring out the tree that I am drawing.