Lesson 12: Reflection

It is nearing the end of this module. Today, prof showed us a set of powerpoint slide that discusses the different kind of principle of a composition.

It was really insightful and helped me to put together pieces of puzzle in my mind that might help me in my final piece. Things like symmetrical, asymmetrical. Or the use of contrast and focal points. There are so many principles that were introduced to us in this lesson and in order to find the perfect balance for our final piece, we have to think through properly of the placement of objects and figures such that it will look like a complete piece.

How one sees your artwork. How their eyes move through your art piece. Do they see your whole picture. Does it keep their eyes in the picture instead of getting bored. All these questions I asked myself while doing my final art.

We did a little consultation with the prof and then off we go to do our final artpiece.

Author: Ivan Tai


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