Lesson 13: Prep work for Finals

The time has come for us to prepare for the final work that we’ve all been looking forward to.

My original idea was to draw old and new chinatown in a piece as in transition from the old to new from left to right. After much consideration, I realised that it will be pretty bland to do it that way. I still want to make the idea of an old and new concept therefore I tried to think of other ways to bring that across.

The basic idea of my concept is that: I am thinking about my childhood where as a child there were so many children and such playing outside, at the void decks, at the playground, at the badminton court, in school. Whereas, as compared to now, all I see are children on their phones and ipads, watching cartoons or playing games. It is really sad to see how technology evolved and made the children of the new generation this way. Missing out on all the things that could be done outside the house.


This was my idea after thinking for a while. A road that stretches and two sides of a street. The old side is on the left and the new side is on the right. It is joined by a pedestrian crossing that symbolizes the connection of the old and new.

I showed my this rough sketch of the road to the prof and he said that the vanishing point of the road is a little bit too high. So why not bring it down a little? So I went to look up on some cityscapes that are from street view and I got my inspiration from this picture.


I then though of things that needed to be on the street which are lamppost and traffic lights.

thumb_img_5484_1024 thumb_img_5489_1024

I then tried to draw out a few of it.

thumb_img_5634_1024 thumb_img_5633_1024

I drew it from different angles because my drawing might change and the angle will be different.

I included them into the sketch and this is how it looks like.



Drew it twice. One with a wider road than the other. I wasn’t too happy with the outcome. I still feel like something is missing from the sketch.

I decided to move the vanishing point lower.


I changed the road to be a little winding as my lines in the previous few sketches were rigid and it is boring.

I then build up the buildings that are supposed to be at the both sides of the roads.


So far so good? I’ve included the lamppost and some random buildings on one side of the street. I do away with the pedestrian crossing as I figured that it wasn’t really that important. Also, I changed my idea of being half old half new and integrate the old and new together in my composition. This is so that my final piece do not look so boring and very clear division of what is old and new.

I’ve included old chairs that can be commonly found in void decks and modern kind of tables like bar tables and those with a umbrella shelter on top of them.

thumb_img_5517_1024 thumb_img_5513_1024 thumb_img_5515_1024


I did not want to do so many imaginary buildings and I want to bring some childhood memories feels in my final drawing. So, I went back to my old hometown in Potong Pasir and took a few photos of the block that I used to live in and integrate it into my final composition.

thumb_img_5512_1024 thumb_img_5516_1024

I have to include the ‘old’ and ‘new’ in my picture. And those are depicted with people playing catching and soccer so very often in my childhood while now people are always on their phone. I got some of my friends to model for me.

thumb_img_5492_1024 thumb_img_5600_1024 thumb_img_5597_1024

ssd sdfa thumb_img_5604_1024

My attempt at drawing them.

I used people my age because I was thinking, people in my childhood are my age right now. I initially wanted to use kids playing to depict my childhood but I thought that using people my age will be better because as the technology evolves, the people that grew with it also had the habit of looking at our phones or being immerse with our gadgets. I want to see more people our age going out and doing stuff that we used to do when we were young.

These are my prep for the final! The finished product is in the next post.

Author: Ivan Tai


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