Lesson 14: FINALS

This is the final product of my drawing.

Scanned Version –

Photographed Version –

As you can see the focal point of this picture are more of the olden times where people are playing outside, playing with soccer balls or catching etc. And on the left side you can see that there are many people outside while on the right there’s only one person outside and he is using the phone. My composition is to bring across nostalgia. Why block 105? It is because I used to live at Block 105 in Potong Pasir and Macdonalds was the place i used to go ever so often last time. I’ve also tried to integrate modern looking building into the composition.

The kind of techniques that I used here are the asymmetrical balance. I try to include a little tone in my picture as there’s definitely sun and it was cast some shadow on the ground.

Since this is a one point perspective drawing. The drawings closer to the front will be bigger than those that are at the back of the road as you can see from my drawing.

This concludes this module and I have learnt a lot of new techniques that I will be able to use in the future.

Author: Ivan Tai


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