Lesson 2: Sight Sizing Homework

We were asked to put a composition of 3 objects in a frame and draw out the objects using the technique that were taught to us in the lesson this week.

This is my first composition.



I started out drawing the outsides of the objects. As well as the angles of the edges of the objects to get the outline in place before starting on the insides. I think the outcome of the first drawing was pretty good! The angles were mostly correct and you can tell in the picture that which object is on top or at the back and so forth.

The second one:



For this, I am not too sure if I was successful in the technique that I used. The challenge for me in this composition was the SHURE earpiece pouch. It is circular and I am not that good in drawing circles or curves for that matter. It looks out of shape.

Author: Ivan Tai


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