Lesson 7: Figure Drawing 3 (Form & Volume)

Our second excursion of the module! This time we made our way to the Dragon Kiln just right outside of NTU. I didn’t even know this place existed until that day. It was a pleasant experience except for the fact that there were so many mosquitoes there I went off itching all over.

The purpose of visiting Dragon Kiln was to do a clay structure of a model. It was, once again, my first time doing clay modelling and the experience was really new and exciting. The model was asked to pose for 3 hours while we do our thing.

thumb_img_4768_1024┬áThis was taken half way while I was doing the clay modelling. We were asked to chunk everything. Make it big it doesn’t matter. Volume is what matters here. Making it look skinny and fragile is not what we want.


This is my final product of the clay modelling. I had to blend the chest area together because previously I made the chest looks like it is popping out and that is not what it is on the model. Therefore, I made some adjustments to the figure. The most difficult part for me are the legs. The angle has to be right and sometimes when I want to edit it the leg will just fall off.

After it was done we had to dig up the excess clay inside of the body and poke holes in it so as to not make the clay figure explode when it is sent to dry.

I wonder how my clay model looks like now.

Author: Ivan Tai


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