Lesson/Homework 5: Figure Drawing 1 (Line of Action)

Surprise surprise! For this lesson, we had a model come in for us to draw. Nude model to be exact. It was the first I am drawing a nude person live and it was a really interesting experience as being nude allows us to see the lines and angles of the model better rather than the model having clothes. So why not give in a shot I mean we are already in this class.

No photos of the nude model of course. We started out by drawing stick figures as it was our first time drawing humans and it is a pretty tough job to be honest.


Different poses were posed by the model and we only had I think 2-3 minutes or is it 1 min? To draw the figure and I was panicking a little because that was so little time to draw the whole figure! But I managed to do it anyway after a little practice. After that we started to draw the model as a whole instead of just stick figures.








I was really confused with what is the line of action is all about. I could not see the line of action properly and needed a little guidance as I did my figure drawings. As you can see I was trying to get the line of action right is all the poses but failing in some of it. Up till the end of the lesson I was still struggling to get it right and was pretty disappointed with myself but practice makes perfect right?

So for the homework we were asked to get someone to model for us and to draw out the figure and their line of action.



The angle of the shoulder and the hips must be right in order to bring out the line of action too! These are various poses that I drew in order to bring out the line of action.

Author: Ivan Tai


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