Mark Making Lesson 1

So we were asked to bring 2 mark making tools each for the first mark making lesson last week, and I decided on a comb and a straw. However, I realized that we could use many of our daily used items/almost anything lying around as mark making tools as well :-) The following pictures are here to document what I had done on the first lesson!

& These were all done with Chinese calligraphy ink & black paint!

Using the teeth of the comb (Startled)


Using the comb just as a ‘brush’


Splattering of ink using the comb


Blowing of ink through a straw (Startled – but to be sharper)



Just using the straw as a ‘brush’ (Panic)IMG_7833

Using the bendable part of the straw (Panic)


Cutting up the straw into 5 parts (as if a fan)


Use of fingers (Hysteria)


Use of palette knife


Left: Using a palette knife
Right: Finger prints (Infatuation)



Use of crushed tissue paper (Infatuation)


Use of roller


Making use of a strand of hair… hahahhaa
(Longing – but can have less lines)


Tried Symmetry Print but did not work out as I’d like it to :-( So decided to mess it up (smudged it) a little bit after that!

Ended the lesson with that and feeling excited to try out more tools wink

Project 1, My Line is Emo (Research)

This post will cover the research that I had done before our first mark making session!

1. Choosing the 18 emotions

Infatuation: an intense but short-lived passion/admiration for someone/something
Longing: a yearning desire
Caring: displaying kindness, concern (warmth)

Annoyed: slightly angry, irritated
Bitterness: anger + resentment due to bad experiences
Envy: a feeling of discontentment/resentful longing aroused by someone else’s possessions/qualities/luck

Glumness: feeling dejected/dispirited
Rejected: dismissed as inadequate, unacceptable, faulty
Suffering: an experience, being affected by, hence feel worse

Pride: feeling of deep pleasure/satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements
Relief: helps to provide a short respite/reassurance due to anxiety/tedious situations etc
Optimism: hopefulness & confidence for the future/success of something

Panic: sudden uncontrollable fear/anxiety
Hysteria: exaggerated/uncontrollable emotion/excitement
Uneasiness: opposite of relaxation (and discomfort)

Shock: sudden upsetting/surprising event/experience
Amazement: a feeling of great surprise/wonder
Startled: cause to feel sudden shock/alarm

2. Picture references for the following emotions:

Picture ReferencePicture Reference 2

3. Artists’ References for this Project:

Ed Moses
– Makes use of a more structured style (in the 1970s)
– Use of cut outs & lines, exploring different mediums (thick vs thin brush strokes, pencil)
– Some of his works being repetitive

Cai Guo Qiang
– Use of unconventional medium (e.g. gunpowder – This may have a link to his expression? (explosive))
– His works paint a story (most of the time). Narrative function

Yves Klein
– “IKB 191” – just a blue canvas with no details, yet may be able to convey his expression.
– Various painting methods (rollers, sponges, used naked models as line brushes, use of handprints (which could help to depict his story as well) – provided textured qualities too)