Ugh… I swear, getting up for class is the hardest thing to do EVER. Especially with a mom who always threatens me with her spikes. Although I think it doesn’t work as well as before.. Ha!

Wait. Is that..


Oh gosh I gotta hurry up now, there’s gonna be a jam before I know it!







“OH Come on Peter! It’s raining, and you know how bad traffic is when the weather’s like this!”

“I’m sorry Porklo, rules are rules.” Peter shrugs as he walks off.

Great, just 2 minutes late and I’m on the records. Well at least I’m not the only one here.

Oh! There’s Pixie pulling up at the corner. I should probably go over and talk about how unfair this entire thing is.

“Hey Pi-”

Okay hold on, why is she not walking towards the late comers area? She’s walking towards the classroom instead… Did they just let her off like that?!

No WAIT! I SAW IT! I saw her slip that $5 bill in Peter’s hands!!! Ugh, those sly foxheads! I thought it was all a rumour but it’s true!

Just because they have that little stupid gold badge on their collars they think that they’re in charge. Pfft.


“Dear Diary,

Finally the first week of school is over! It felt so much tougher, especially after the looooong winter holidays.

I’m so glad that I’m finally graduating this year! No more waking up at 6AM, finishing up last minute homework and projects!

Anyway, we kinda had a self-introduction session today, but instead of the usual general introductions, we had to prepare introductions of our families. Coming from an Internanimal High School, we are exposed to so many different species and habitats, it was quite an interesting homeroom lesson.

The funniest introduction though, was by Pixie Taff! I’ve been in the same class as her for the past 2 years, but we were never close. I’ve always thought she was kinda cool, being able to play all types of sports, being the MVP of almost every Inter-College game even! We all thought that people of her habitat were just, natural sportsmen, but little did we know…

She was actually a Pigan! Surely, we thought she was at least a mixed species or just from somewhere really exotic. But when she showed us a picture of her family during her Feastmas Eve dinner like 10 years ago, it was hilarious!

She told us that it is Pigan culture to have an eating competition every Feastmas Eve, and when her uncle wanted to help them to take a picture of the family that year, this was what came out. She decided that she didn’t want to be like her family, stuffing their faces, so she changed her diet and started to work out to be healthy and fit! Hahaa!

Anyway, not all of us got to present our introductions because time was running out, including me, but Mr Bar told us to do it next week instead. Can’t wait! :-)

Anyhoo, I’m getting really sleep, so, time for bed!

Koko ^.^”

Fan-fiction Research

The first concept that I thought of when we were supposed to create our own fantasy world:

Our societal issues!!!!

and Especially because the theme of this week’s META assignment is ‘Home’, I thought I would be able to link home to our society.

Brainstormed with the others and tried to get some inspiration from the above TV series, ‘Black Mirror’ which highlights the issues of our society in a really realistically unrealistic (does this make sense) way – BUT FAILED because we realised that everything was already done by the show haha…

Second idea I had was to incorporate the idea of a Dynasty into our modern world, because I really fancy historical dramas hahaha but I realised that it wouldn’t work because of my lack of understanding of the different dynasties and how they actually function.

Finally got an idea from Charmaine to make use of animals, and hence the concept of Evolution – with every character having had evolved from a different species, rather than us just being evolved from monkeys!! Decided to set the time period of ‘me’ being in high school, considering that it’d be the most relatable to write about. :-)