Final Project: Daily Drink Dilemma – Chloe & Valerie

Here’s a copy of the final presentation that we had on submission day! :-)


And a clip of our project during submission day! (Credits to jake!!!)

This project was really fun to work with because personally MAX was enjoyable for us, and also we learned how to communicate arduino together with MAX too!

Although MAX may not have been the best software for this kinda ‘application’ (as LPD said), it was interesting learning how to connect the different paths to get the best result we could :-)

Final Project: Still a work in progress!

Daily Drink Dilemma is still in progress but here’s what (more) that we’ve done!

We’ve churned out the images and linked them with buttons for viewers to click, using send/receive images.

After which, we linked the play of our first video (the yawn challenge) with the start of the yawning test (by faceosc).

We also linked it to stop the video if the viewer yawns, with a delay of 10 seconds. Following this, we’ll be linking whichever outcome to the temperature sensor.

One issue with the current faceosc detection is because if the viewer doesn’t yawn, it is detected as soon as the yawn challenge video plays. And if you notice in the video above, as soon as the video plays, an image of the cafe girl with an empty speech bubble appears (that is set as the trigger of if the viewer doesn’t yawn).

Currently, an option would be to see if it would be able to first bang the same image as the previous one (to seem as if there was no trigger), place a timer and then bang another image after the set timing (to decide that the viewer did not yawn).

We will also have to set the timer for the temperature sensor in order to collect a value within the given timing once touched (otherwise it may sense the before/after temperature instead).


Final Project: Process

For our Daily Drink Dilemma, we have decided to tweak it a little to help our audience decide on what they should drink based on different sensors.

  1. Yawning!

Using FaceOSC + MaxMSP, we’ll be tracking the user’s mouth, and for every time that the person yawns (or open his/her mouth wider than a certain value), it will trigger something. And if it doesn’t, it triggers something else.

For now, we’ve used songs for the trigger, and programmed it so that if one plays, the other stops.

(Sped up the vid & audio he he)

2. Temperature

We also added in the temperature sensor (but we don’t have a video of it yet) and for now, if the temperature goes above baseline temp, it turns a red LED on, if the temperature goes below baseline temp, it turns a blue LED on!

Now we need to figure out how to connect MAXMsp to Arduino and get the triggering sequence right! And also, we’ve to figure how we’re gonna present this as well :-)

Currently an idea we have would be:

and instructions/videos will be placed within the speech bubble. Finally, the end product (drink) will also be presented by her!

(Not gonna be using cookin’ mama.. but some other illustration haha) Once we get the connections done we will be thinking of other stuff to add on!