9/10: Etching, Resin


Etching is the production of a pattern or design by eating into the material. Applications of this method can be seen on fabrics used for pillows, scarfs, and etching can also be done on other materials, such as wood.

Materials required
Silk Screen
Fiber Remover
Velvet Silk

Just like silk screening printing, place the silkscreen on top of the velvet fabric.

Then, pour the fiber remover, and spread it across with the squeegee firmly.  Once that’s done,  lay it out to dry in the sun.

When it’s dry, lay a cloth over and ironed it until the dried fiber remover chars.

Then, use a brush to scrape off the charred parts.

I think something to take note is to apply the fiber remover properly because I think for mine, it wasn’t applied well, and so I wasn’t able to properly burn the remover and wasn’t able to come out properly:(



Materials required
A mould to hold the resin
Optional: Whatever you’d like to add to the resin!

For the resin, you’d need to measure the amount of resin and hardener to form the mixture in the ratio of 10:1 and mix thoroughly.

Once done, pour the mixture into the mould and allow it to dry. Do not touch as it will get hot!!!

Unfortunately, I do not have the end results due to the covid19 situation and wasn’t able to retrieve them =(