3: creating unconventional fabric using threads, plastic

For this week, the first technique required the use of plastic materials to create our own unconventional fabric.


I used the usual kinds of plastic bags that we get on a daily basis, as well as straws, and tried layering them. But I realized that the colours didn’t go well together since they were just ordinary plastic bags:

The layering didn’t go too well as well, because of the thickness of the patterns I tried making.

I also tried using clear plastic (ziploc bags) as a “holder” for the other plastic materials in my next try and I think this worked better because now you can clearly see the contents within and this way I can come up with a patterned fabric.

(they’re supposed to resemble flowers….)

I actually really like this method because it gives me more control over the material and I think its a really versatile technique to work with as well! I’d like to try this more to see what other materials I can combine this with.

Water-soluble materials

The second method was to make use of a water-soluble material to hold the different fabrics and threads, thereafter using a sewing machine to sew everything together. Once done, dissolve the material to get your put-together fabric!

For me, I tried but its currently still a WIP because I feel like I have to get a better hang of the sewing machine first!!! And I will update this once I have done so!

Here’s what I currently have: (not enough sewing to secure the threads inside)

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