5: smocking, stitching with elastics

This week in class, we were introduced to 2 techniques: smocking & stitching with elastics. But I was only able to try the smocking technique because I was slOW…..

This is my attempt at smocking:

First, you have to draw the grid uniformly (which I realized later on that it is quite important to), and trace out the path that you’re supposed to take!

For me, I decided to try this template:

To give this:

My first attempt with this material wasn’t great and I wasn’t able to see the pattern clearly:

I then tried it again with felt and because it was a thicker and tougher material, the pattern was more prominent!

I actually think smocking is fun but pretty challenging because you really do need a lot of patience and you have to be very meticulous! But the result is really pretty so it is a technique that I would consider for my final piece!!

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