6: knitting

knitting is the use of yarn to manipulate to create a textile or fabric and is commonly used in garments. it can be done both by hand or by a machine.

for me, I followed this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_R1UDsNOMk to learn the basics of knitting.

First, you’d need to make a slip knot:



Then to cast on the stitch,

and to start knitting:

first, you slip the needle closer to the “knot”, forming an ‘X’ shape

then grab the yarn that is connected to the ball, and slip it in between the two needles

take the needle (right) and slip it into the left side

and slide it out of the left needle

and pull!

This was my initial try at knitting and it was challenging at first because it kept loosening, and I would mix up on which way to put the needle through.

I decided to try it with a different material, something tougher and more rigid. initially it was a little tough because it got too tight and stiff, but after making more layers it got manageable!

Knitting has always been something that I was very keen on trying and I’m really glad I got to do it for this class! I’m pretty sure that I will adopt knitting for my final piece too :)

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